Friday, 25 October 2013

Italian Job 1969 Opening Scene (2 Minutes)

The setting of the Alps has always been known as a driving hotspot for enthusiasts, the wealthy looking man in the elegant Ferrari are testimony to the roads surrounding the area and set the scene well. The man is dressed in a smart suit signifying his social class, also connoting his social class is the Ferrari he is happily driving along the rural roads of Italy, the car also adds to the man's power. As he continues to drive, non diegetic music begins to come into play, this music is a slow Italian opera piece suitable to show the relaxed manner this man possess whilst driving his expensive car, he is completely at ease with the world. The singing begins in the music when the production teams names are revealed.

Skyfall Opening Sequence (2 Minutes)

In Skyfall's opening sequence Bond drifts through a watery dreamscape of daggers and guns, encountering faceless, shadowy foes who threaten to overtake him. One of the ideas in the film is about the intelligence service working in the shadows; the idea of being in the shadows and how shadows suggest different things but most obviously be interpreted as intimidating.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lord of War Opening Sequence

The opening of Lord of War starts with the beginning of the bullet making process, it follows the bullet going through various cutting machines, being re moulded into a hollow casing then filled with gun powder; the camera cleverly follows this entire process from pretty much the bullets perspective. The bullets are then sorted and filtered, checking for duds then packaged up. The destination for the crates is not known however a good guess can be make that it is an African nation. The camera continues to follow the bullets on their journey to the point of being loaded into a gun, and fired, rather disturbingly into what appears to be a child's head. This is where the opening scene cuts to a blank screen, leading into the rest of the film.