Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Camera Stabilisers

Again, we used two different types of camera stabilisers for the film - A dolly, and a tripod We used the tripod for the stationary scenes, which mainly scenes that included tilt shots, pans or zooms.
I liked the tripod we used because it was a recently new model, meaning it was lighter, more versatile and was set-up easily, perfect for the type of film we were making as traveling was a big part of it all. The dolly:
The dolly was used for the scenes which involved us having to track a character or ones that were of panoramic nature. I didn't particularly like this dolly as it had a defect with one of its wheels, meaning i had to do a lot of compensating for it when moving as it caused the tripod to shake and move in odd directions - ultimately causing us to reshoot scenes multiple times because of this.

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