Sunday, 10 November 2013

Catch Me If You Can Mise-en-Scene

Cinematography – Even though there aren't physical camera shots in this sequence, there is a lot of movement that tracks the protagonist. The movement helps represent the main characters determination to not get caught. When the character changes his costume to the pilot, we see this through a close-up, which helps us pay more attention to this transformation. There is a tracking shot when the protagonist is a doctor and when he is when moving up in the lift. This represents that he is 'moving up' and is becoming smarter. However the detective man is already at the top of the building, which also shows how he is more powerful. Editing – Wipes from one scene to another help the keep the transition smooth. For example the wipe from the airport to the car chase is an airplane flying out of the airport and then flying over the road. The sudden changes in location shows how the film is constantly going to be moving along fast, and how it won’t just be set in one place. Another wipe transition is from the police car chasing the taxi to the swimming pool scene. This is because the taxi wipes across the screen acting as a transition between the shots.

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