Sunday, 10 November 2013

Skyfall Music Analysis

‘Skyfall‘ is a seductive, sleazy ballad about nothing in particular. And yet, it sounds exactly like a Bond song should, which is basically music to have sex to… and then die. Still, within its lyrical complexities there are hidden themes to pick up on. Skyfall is where we start 'A thousand miles and poles apart When worlds collide, and days are dark’ Bond wouldn’t be Bond without exotic locations. Hence, when he’s bedded some poor woman in Japan he’s quickly off to Ecuador to shoot someone in the back of the head. When will you ladies learn, the man is not into long distance relationships? 'This is the end’ Cleverly, this isn’t the end of the song, but the beginning. Of course, The Doors song ‘The End’ opens with the same lyrics, before leading the listener into a trance. Will the same happen here? No.

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